The Doors

I'm so intrigued by the doors here. Many of them are so beautiful and they're all unique. Some lead to shops, others to homes. Some lead to alleys and some lead to places unknown or places that are scary. I like to think of this trip, my first international travel experience, as a door that has opened for me. I'm not sure exactly where it will lead me, but it's beautiful, dirty, and at times both familiar and unknown. Just like the doors that I photograph.



Meghan LP said...

Gorgeous pictures, Kris! You'll have to do something special with all of these when you come back. Maybe a picture book? Just so intriguing.


Aunt B & Uncle B said...

Love the pictures! especially the doors! Also, you and your new friends!

Blog makes me feel like I'm there!
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

You need
To order coffee books of those
Presents for your favorite people. (Ahem. Ahem)