Thursday, May 7, 2015

2 Weeks!

In two weeks I'll board a plane to return to Calcutta!

I started preparing today with a trip to Target to drop off my Malarone (bring on the crazy dreams) and Azithromycin prescriptions. Of course I had to call Aetna to get it all straightened out, since the Malarone is for more than a 30 day supply. While at Target I picked up a few trip-related wipes, toothpaste, deodorant, two sports bras. I came home and got my "India Bag" out of the closet that has all of my kurtis and leggings from last year.  

This year my role will be very different. This time around I am responsible for working out all of the logistics for 11 MSW students to ensure that they have a smooth, fun, educational trip that is hopefully as destabilizing and amazing as it was for me last year. 

Although my job is super different this year, I still want to experience all that Calcutta and India has to offer, while leaving the smallest footprint possible. 

Auntie Kumkum tells me that my "fan club" at Bepin Pal Road is eagerly awaiting my arrival, and I can't WAIT to see them! I've been collecting little things throughout the year that I thought they might like. When I picture seeing Nirmal at the airport on the 21st my heart explodes! 

My original plan was to do a bit of traveling after India with Sam, one of the students on the trip this year. We decided today that we won't be traveling to Kathmandu, Nepal because of the terrible earthquake they experienced last month. We don't want to be in the way and Kathmandu just isn't ready for tourists yet. 

Now we may go to Thailand after India...unless I am offered a job that begins earlier than August 1st! So much is up in the air. I'm really looking forward to ironing out the details of the next 4 months of my life.

Until then - 
Let the packing begin!!

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Jen A. said...

SO excited for you! Yay!