Wednesday, May 20, 2015

It's Finally May 20th!

The day has finally arrived. All of my bags are packed. Gifts carefully wrapped in tshirts and tank tops. 48 granola bars are lining my suitcase. My iPad is charged and loaded with Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids. My first dose of Malarone is in my system, and my phone is loaded with songs to listen to on the Metro.

It feels strange and surreal that in 36-ish hours I'll be in Calcutta. I promise to update as soon as I can! I am anticipating a very, very happy reunion with Nirmal, Juma, and the girls. Also looking forward to getting the students settled in the apartments. And I definitely can't wait for a Mini Meal from Banana Leaf!!

Talk to you all when I am India-side!!


Jen A. said...

So excited for you! I hope you had a safe and pleasant flight!

Jen A. said...

Oh, haha, that's what I said LAST time. Well, I am still excited for you! ;)