Sunday, May 24, 2015

Where Ever You Go There'll Be Sun, Sun, Sun

Saturday was a big day. Both for the group and for me. We left the apartment at 11am to take the metro to Park St. On the way to the metro I took the group into one of the stores on Rashbehari Ave. Last year I would stop into that store and became friends with the shop owner, Mr. Gupta. At the end of last year he asked if we could be pen pals, so we have been writing back and forth all year. 

 photo 0EC0F65F-D19F-4555-9A2B-4F489AAFD008.png_zpsa1b8k23g.jpeg

He didn't know I was returning, so he was very excited to see me! And meet all of the new students. After that we continued on to the metro and the students got their first experience on the Calcutta public transit system. It went well for the most part - one student became extremely hot and felt very faint, but we all worked together to cool off her neck and I had her sit on the floor of the metro. Some of the women sitting nearby gave us some advice as well, which was much appreciated. 

I've been taking my role as T.A. very, very seriously. I think the group probably thinks I'm a little nuts, because I'm constantly counting them, everywhere we go. There's 12 of them, so it's a little nerve wracking, at least for now, to make sure that everyone is making it where we're supposed to be going. We don't have Indian mobiles yet, which adds to the stress a little bit. So far so good, though. 

We made our way out of the metro station and up to Park St. From there we walked to Sunshine, the store where we always buy kurtis and pants and presents for people. It was SO good to see Akash and Sanjay. Imran was away, visiting his family but he'll be back this week. This year was a total repeat of last year - just piles and piles of clothing and students went through and chose outfits that they wanted. 

 photo C07AFD67-0C64-4F82-9E57-64EAF5F351C6_zpsfzv5hf2c.jpg
And Akash, in the middle of it all, helping with sizing and colors and styles. He's so helpful. And it was so good to see him after a year!

 photo A8A28BBA-94E8-4322-AC92-3C3FCE656CFF_zps9p4eknfu.jpg

He also sent a gift for my niece, Kylie! He wrote on the bag -

 photo 549511E1-1DF3-4B8D-A76A-BEADC955BDEC_zpsxqrwexlu.jpg

 photo DF126CDA-F307-4202-A7CD-337ACF953549_zpsxdzuxtov.jpg
It's a toy tuk-tuk! The kind that when you pull back, the wheels spin and it moves forward. I found it in the store and was going to buy it but Akash said, no, this is my gift for your niece. So sweet. 

After Sunshine we headed over to Fairlawn to the Beer Garden for food and some Kingfishers. It was really nice to relax under the trees and put some fuel in our systems. 

 photo 6736C576-D223-4EDA-925F-35EF4F32D36C_zps6qhrrspj.jpg
This is Neha, Kate and me.

 photo 6310730F-BA12-42EB-B48A-EC5DB9922B66_zpsrrqcxuf7.jpg
Kingfisher selfie!

After we got back it was about 5:30pm. Around 6:30 I joined Juma and the girls to take a walk to Deshapriyo park. All I could figure out was that we were going to get ice cream. It was so nice...I'd only ever been to D. Park during the daytime. But at night, the whole park is full of families sitting in the grass because the open space allows for a slight breeze. So we got our ice cream pops and sat down. The girls wanted to play games, so we played tag, monkey in the middle, a fun game where Juma tied her sari around our eyes and we had to find the others, and we also played with these little bouncy balls that I brought for the girls. On the way home, I carried Lalita on my shoulders and she freaked out because she liked it so much. She kept calling me "hati" which means elephant in Bengali ;-)

When we got back, the girls were exhausted from all of the running around (as was I) and as we sat on the roof before bed, Kumkum fell asleep in my lap. Lalita had been playing on my phone (the Endless numbers game that Kylie likes, Kels!) and she took a photo:

 photo D7C492DB-2996-47E2-A1F1-56687D13DCE5_zpsm3eep4r2.jpg
I meant to mention that when I first arrived, the Roy family presented me with a lovely gift. Here's a photo of it:

 photo F8506445-2A47-4E40-9AEF-0A3F81AB0E6E_zpspghsm4cz.jpg
The girls are VERY excited that there are two little babies as well. They call the one with yellow hair Kumkum and the one with purple hair Lalita. Haha. I have these displayed in my room on the shelf for now. :) 

It's 10am now, and House A is getting ready to make a trip to Cafe Coffee Day for frozen coffees. And then the whole group is heading to South City Mall to do some grocery shopping and to check out the other stores. 

I hope everyone is well!

Oh, one more thing. My mom sent some frozen ice pops for the girls to try. The kind we had as kids every summer. They packed easily because they're just liquid in a plastic tube. I stuck them in the freezer when I got here, and last night Kumkum and Lalita got to try them for the first time. I told them they were from my Ma (Bengali equivalent of Mommy). They looooved them!

 photo 9DF56657-5911-495B-88C6-289E42D64A22_zpsyu1508tk.jpg

 photo BBC690CB-49C5-4A18-8F9B-A0BDD59346B6_zps2frjxsme.jpg

Right now the heat index outside is 117. Let today's adventure begin!

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