Wednesday, May 7, 2014

7 Days!

Passport: ✓
Visa: ✓
Flights: ✓
Immunizations: ✓ (and ouch!)

Basically, all of the big important things are taken care of, and all that's left to do are the smaller logistical pieces!

Since I've never really traveled abroad, especially for such an extended period of time, I really had no idea how many logistical pieces there would be to this preparation process. There is so much paperwork that my head is spinning! It feels endless, but I've got my handy list that is being added to on a daily basis, and if you notice, there is clearly a super big priority item on the list there ;-)

I've just finished up my first year at Penn and since "self care" has been pounded into our heads since the beginning of the MSW program, I've been trying to find time between writing final papers and preparing for this trip to be good to myself. Last night I made a fruit smoothie and snuggled in to watch Runaway Bride. Whatever floats your boat, I guess. For me, it's the sweet combination of almond milk and frozen fruit, plus a romantic comedy.

I obviously still have a lot to do before I leave, but luckily I have 7 more days. It's hard to believe that in one week we'll be heading to Newark International to embark on basically a 24 hour journey to India. Tonight we received our housing assignments, and I can't wait to get to know the group better. There's only 8 of us going, and we'll be split into two "houses" that are very close to one another.

I wonder about the weather...will it really be as deathly hot as everyone is saying? Will I really spend the entire day sweating through everything I've worn? Should I really bring a nailbrush because that's how dirty I'm going to get? I worry a bit about the coursework as well - I just ordered my books and they should be coming in the mail this weekend. It all sounds fascinating, but I hope that I can keep up and fully comprehend/synthesize the material with our work in the field. 

Before the big trip, one very important event is happening. My sister Kelsey will graduate from college at West Chester with her BSW, and I couldn't be more proud. I'm excited to put a halt to all school work and India prep and spend a day celebrating her achievements.

I'll probably check in twice or thrice more before we blow this popsicle stand and head for (MUCH) warmer weather!

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Anonymous said...

So excited for you Kris!!!! Can't wait to read updates while you're there. Love you!