Sunday, May 25, 2014

First Class

Here's a page of the notes I took during our first class with TJ, our professor, tonight (you may have to click to make it bigger):

WHOA, right? Who knew that by taking an international social work course, we'd be talking Marx, capitalism, bartering and translating... (those last two were on other pages). It was a lot thrown at us in 2 hours, but I soaked it all in as best as I could and hopefully will have more time to process it tonight. Right now I'm sitting in the living room with Kris, Beth, Anjali and Sandra and we're debriefing after class while Phillip and Anna make everyone dinner. 

We're talking about sex and work and what work is and all of these abstract ideas... my head is spinning a bit. We also talked about "rescue vs. revolution" in terms of international social work. I hope I can come back and write more after I've processed the ideas a bit. -- I had to come back and add that all 8 of us ended up having a really deep conversation around sex, sex work, the phrase "all sex is work" and how sexual assault fits into that. I can feel us becoming closer as a group, and I think we're going to be able to continue to have really great and productive conversations.

Today it rained for the first time since we got here. It was glorious and rainy/cool all day and by cool I mean, the high was only 91. I stayed home today while the others went out to the big mall to get vegetables from the big grocery store (versus buying them on the street...we're hoping the ones in the big grocery are safer for us to eat and won't make us sick). Staying in was kind of nice, I watched a documentary and just relaxed...really for the first time since I got here. I actually forgot I was in India for a second.

Tomorrow we're heading back to Durbar. Temperatures are supposed to be a bit cooler this week, and apparently the monsoon season isn't too far off. 

Miss & Love,


JustJude said...

Research online how to soak the fruits and vegetable to clean them, make them safe for consumption. It's a simple 30 soak, in fact may stores in Guatemala even sold a product for soaking vegetables, but our friends used (for me) I think just a tablespoon or 2 of bleach in a full sink of water. Just research and determine what you have available. It does give you some peace of mind and most importantly allows you to enjoy the food as you should be able to!

Carlitos said...

It doesn't matter where you buy those fruit and vegetables still need to 'clean' them. Once you do that you will be safe, trust me, being there done that for many years.

Carlitos said...

Check your emails May 18, here's the link again.

Unknown said...

I think that if you're cooking your vegetables, you should be ok. You've got your antibiotic if all else fails, though, and that will definitely cure you :-) Sex work was a big topic when I studied Anthropology in college. I found it to be a lot to wrap my head around, especially once you start factoring in whether or not women and men can autonomously participate in sex work and legal sex work. Looking forward to learning more! - Susanne