Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Day Is Here!

We depart Newark airport at 4:25pm and arrive in Calcutta at midnight on Thursday (2:30ish on Thursday, Eastern Standard Time). Basically, it's about 24 hours of traveling. I downloaded two movies I've been dying to see but haven't had time for what with finals and the end of the school year - Dallas Buyer's Club and Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. Hopefully I can watch these on the plane to keep me busy for a little while.

Packing last night was an interesting adventure, but I made it all fit! One big suitcase, one smaller duffel as a carry on, and a backpack later - I am all packed and ready to go! Packing my suitcase last night was pretty funny. It was kind of like making lasagna. A layer of clothing, then a layer of food/toiletries, then another layer of clothing.

Yes, I use Old Spice deodorant. Don't judge! It works better...and I like to smell spicy. Haha.

My mom and Carlos will be picking me up at 10ish and then we'll pick up Phillip and Kris - two other friends/students who are flying with us. We'll meet Anjali and Muxuan at the airport and all 5 of us will fly together! The other 3 students will meet us in Calcutta later this week.

I can't wait to update from Calcutta! (If you haven't noticed yet, Calcutta and Kolkata are interchangeable, they are the same city.) As soon as I get over my jetlag and make it to a phone store, I'll be able to buy a wifi stick so that I can update from the apartment where I'll be living. I'll be sure to post pictures! We have a few days to rest and acclimate to India before everything begins.

I'm so excited! See you all from India!


Carlitos said...

We (Mom and I) are tracking your flight, it is 10:30pm here and you are between Iceland and Norway. Wow that's a flight!

Meghan LP said...

So unbelievably excited for you! can't wait til you can update us. You're still in transit right now - hope all is going smoothly! How was Dallas Buyer's Club? Love you!

Toni Lupro said...

Too smart with the wipes!