Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I've never packed for such a long trip before, so for me, it's been easiest to just clear a space in my office area and slowly add to piles of certain things. This is what things are looking like 36 hours out.

There's a pile of toiletries:
(Those are all prescriptions for preventatives like Cipro, an antibiotic, and Malarone for Malaria)

There's a pile for toys/trinkets to give out to children instead of giving them rupees:
There's a pile of clothes that I've bought so far:

Plus my books for the course I'll be taking:

And of course, a stock of American food that I'll be taking along with me and hoarding in my room ;-)

Hopefully by tomorrow night, all of those piles will be neatly packed into my very large suitcase and ready to be loaded onto a plane on Wednesday afternoon. 

Five of us were lucky enough to get a flight together, so that eases my travel anxiety a bit. I've never flown on an international flight before, so I'm not really sure what to expect when we get there and have to go through customs and such. 

At the advice of a student who went on the trip last year (and is about to graduate, AND is the student government president of SP2, whatup Britney!) I stocked up on baby wipes and invested in a good umbrella. I actually really love to live simply, so I'm hoping I can pack as light as possible...which if you've ever traveled with me, you know is a FEAT. For a simple leggings and tank top wearing girl, I sure do over pack when it comes to traveling - just ask Kim & Suzi. ;)

Right now this experience is all about the preparation and craziness of packing...but hopefully soon I'll be able to write about some more substantial goings-on. Tomorrow night we have a pre-trip meeting at TJ's (the professor going on the trip) house, where we should find out any and all last minute information. 

I can't believe it's finally so close! A few days ago it didn't feel real, but now as I sit here looking over my piles of stuff...it's feeling very, very real. 

I'll check in once more before we fly out!


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Toni Lupro said...

I'm terrible with keeping pack light too, haha. I'm glad to know that it all fit though!