Sunday, May 18, 2014

Late Night/Early Morning

Beth, one of the lovely ladies on our trip, had the misfortune of having Air India lose her luggage during her flight here. She arrived with only toiletries and no clothes! Luckily, Auntie Kumkum took us to a big mall, where we were able to buy some outfits and she was able to stock up on essentials until the airline locates her luggage. Having the airline lose my bag was probably my biggest fear, but Beth has taken it in stride!

Right now it's 6:30am here... and we haven't really slept yet. Another student, Sandra, arrived at 3am this morning, so myself, Beth and Phillip went with Nirmal, the caretaker, to pick her up and to inquire about Beth's luggage. Auntie Kumkum suggested that Phillip and I go because he is a male, and because we are firm with our words! We weren't able to get the suitcase, but luckily her name is in the system and they claim they will deliver it to our apartment when it arrives. Please keep your finger's crossed for Beth!

On our way back from the airport, the sun was beginning to rise. It rises here very early, starting around 4am. We dropped off Sandra to her apartment (there are two apartments for us 8 students, they are very close. Just around the corner from one another). Nirmal then walked Beth, Phillip and myself back to our apartment. When we arrived, we noticed a man and two women...the man was shaking a tree so that the yellow flowers would fall off and the women were picking them up and putting them into little satchels. Some people here use flowers to make wreaths to sell, or for prayer booths dedicated to deities. Nirmal went over to help the man shake the tree and we were able to gather some flowers for ourselves.
That's Nirmal in the tan shirt and glasses. He's the best! He travels with us, answers all of our questions, and is very, very sweet. He is the caretaker of the apartments where we are staying, and he is up at all hours of the night in order to accommodate us. We appreciate him very much.

By the time we got up to the apartment it was near 5am. Phillip and I headed to the roof with our big cameras to capture some sunrise photos. The view from our rooftop will never get old. There are so many buildings and things to look at.
So, now it is very early in the morning and we've only had about 2 hours of sleep last night. Yet, for some reason my body is not tired. I'm caught in a limbo.. I know that it's around 9pm EST, so my body is no longer in EST mode, but it's not quite in IST (Indian Standard Time) yet either. I need to work on this so that I can be fully functional when we begin our orientations next week!

So far, there's 7 of us here and the 8th student will arrive today. So far the group is getting along great, and I am really looking forward to the discussions we'll be having during class and when we are out in the field.


JustJude said...

The sunrise photo is a contender for my wall. :)

Nicole Moffa said...

Love your posts!! Can't wait to hear about orientation.

Rachel Penn said...

Love the outfits! Did her luggage ever arrive? Your photos are so beautiful!