Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Grocery shopping and our first cooking adventure

Today we went grocery shopping. I've had an interesting relationship with food lately anyway, so this was a bit of a challenge for me. But this is what I ended up with:
Lots of ready-to-eat meals... I'm not really sure what most of them are, bahaha. I do know that "aloo" means potato. The paratha is a kind of bread that I can cook in a pan and use to scoop up the masala or chana. Everyone eats with their hands here, which I find pretty enjoyable and fun. I also grabbed those digestive biscuits because it says "high in fibre" and without being able to eat salads, fresh veggies or fruits, I am really, really desperately in need of some fiber... enough said. ;-)

I also bought, for the first time in my life, milk in a box! Plus some "Cup Of Noodles" which are flavored with Indian spices. One is masala and one is pani puri.

I also found a tiny container of Nutella!!! It's the small things that remind me of home that are nice. And, if you know me well, you know I squealed when I saw the box of Red Bull. It's kind of necessary during this jet-lag adjustment period anyway.

I think I paid a total of $16 US dollars for all of this. Crazy.

Tonight the other apartment came over and we all cooked an amazing Indian meal. Anna knows how to make uttapam, which is like a doughy pancake with mango chutney (?) in the batter. Anjali and Kris made some amazing other dishes as well.

Anna making Uttapam. She's a wizard at it!

This was our amazing spread:
Complete with Mango Juice :)
Later after dinner, Anjali made us homemade chai tea, which was soooo good and the perfect cap to our night. We sipped our chai and talked about the black/white binary, the dynamic of our program and classes and university in regards to privilege, and the institution of marriage.

Our discussion about marriage as an institution was really interesting. Some people hadn't really thought about it before. Others had feelings about the institution and what it means and where it comes from, what it's based off of... For myself, my view is more based on the fact that I fall on the LGBT spectrum, so the fact that in some places I cannot legally get married is problematic for me if I want to have children and be able to share custody with my partner. Or be able to file state taxes together. Or be able to have rights in general. Anyway, it was a good conversation and it's a shame that I'm too tired to expand upon it.

It's 12:30am here. Goodnight!


Rachel Dolgin said...

Of COURSE you found the red bull! ;) Keep us posted on how everything turns out, especially the milk in the box! RLK!

Unknown said...

Oh I loved this post! We have a version of Tasty Delight here in the US called Tasty Bite - they are individual Indian meals like chana masala or lentils. Good choices! I ADORE McVitie's! I order them off of Amazon or get them from friends that I have who live in Tobago. The chocolate-covered ones are awesome, too. You can eat mango and lychee and bananas and anything else that comes with a "shell" - that ought to help with the fiber intake. You could also consider some over-the-counter products if things get worse. Easy on the Red Bull - not a good combo with hot weather and the malarone. Today, a judge revoked the ban on gay marriage in PA! It was definitely something to celebrate. Be safe. Sorry for going into NP mode! - Susanne

Simple Modern Momma said...
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Kristen said...

I did hear that we can eat things that come in a shell - I'll get some bananas and hopefully that will help some! And yes, I heard about the revoked ban on gay marriage! We are celebrating here in Calcutta!!!